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Latest Projects

"Hospitallers" - volunteer paramedics

by Tetiana Doroshenko

Hospitallers are volunteer combat medics, anaesthetists, surgeons, drivers and rescuers.
81% Funded
1,610 €
30 Days Left

Food aid for refugees

by Triinu Tikas

Ukrainian refugees have been living in Estonia for months, but majority of them have not yet found a job - with different type of barriers on their way. Thus they are struggling to make ends meet. Constant concern of how to cater the most basic needs is adding to the high stress and anxiety levels of Ukrainian refugees. Together we can help to reduce this burden and buy the daily food for Ukrainian mothers and their children!
879% Funded
35,145 €
0 Days Left



by Olga Chevganiuk

Animals are the forgotten victims of the war. Wild and domesticated animals are scared, vulnerable, often injured and alone. Caring for the defenseless is the goal of UAnimals.
62% Funded
3,075 €
31 Days Left

1000 books for Ukrainian Library in Estonia


by Valerie Sarle

Spilno is a non-profit organisation that unites people around reading. Our goal is to become the first Ukrainian library in the Nordics & Baltics.
39% Funded
2,330 €
31 Days Left

Camouflage netting for the defenders of Ukraine


by MTÜ Aitan Kaitsta

Intense fighting is still going on in Ukraine. NGO Aitan Kaitsta (Helping to Defend) coordinates a nationwide network of volunteers making camouflage netting for the defenders of Ukraine. To date, over 12 000 square metres of netting has been made in Estonia, the need for them still exists.
58% Funded
3,490 €
33 Days Left

Adopt a Drone


by Ottodv

Fund it. Name it. And we'll deliver it to the Ukrainian Army.
87% Funded
8,736 €
30 Days Left

Computers for Ukrainian children

by Eveliis Padar

If a person is fleeing war, it may be that all his or her family's belongings must fit in one backpack. There may not be room for a computer. But once the war refugees have reached a safe place, the children have to continue their schooling, the parents have to find a new job and start building security for their families from scratch.
117% Funded
11,730 €
0 Days Left

Rescue evacuations in Ukraine / Donbas


by David Black

We conduct Search And Rescue, Evacuation and Humanitarian Aid Missions in & out of the most dangerous areas of the Donbas, Zaporizhia + Kherson regions of Ukraine, and supply other volunteer groups with protective gear.
6% Funded
620 €
31 Days Left

Eesti Metsloomaühing


by Merit Põld / Eesti Metsloomaühing MTÜ

MTÜ Eesti Metsloomaühingu missiooniks on peamiselt inimtegevuse tagajärjel hätta sattunud metsloomade abistamine.
2% Funded
205 €
40 Days Left