Camouflage netting for the defenders of Ukraine

Intense fighting is still going on in Ukraine. NGO Aitan Kaitsta (Helping to Defend) coordinates a nationwide network of volunteers making camouflage netting for the defenders of Ukraine. To date, over 12 000 square metres of netting has been made in Estonia, the need for them still exists.

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Three weeks after the start of Russia’s massive military offensive in Ukraine, the association Aitan Kaitsta was founded. Under the leadership of the group, volunteers in both large cities and small villages began to make camouflage netting for the defenders of Ukraine. The amount made so far, 12 000 square metres, could easily cover the town hall squares in both Tallinn and Tartu and there would still be some netting left over. The produced netting reaches Ukraine with the help of our partners NGO Slava Ukraini, NGO United Delivery Mission and NGO SAB UA. We are constantly assured that our work is important.
We are thankful for donations, since these will allow our NGO to:
– Organise more and better workshops
– Improve our information sharing
– Cover transportation costs in Estonia
– Cover the cost of purchasing tools and additional materials

Photos by Mark Raidpere

The core group of the venture is in ongoing contact with Ukraine, exploring technologies and providing guidance to the volunteer network on how to achieve the best result. The association has also been supported morally and with advice by military experts from public and private structures. One side of the activities of the NGO Aitan Kaitsta is the tangible result that reaches those in need in combat zones in Ukraine. The other side is the opportunity given to the people of Estonia and the war refugees of Ukraine the production of camouflage netting is a joint creation meant to cover a very specific need, but it also relieves stress, supports the spirit and offers comfort.

Photo by Aitan Kaitsta

The association invites you to join in the activities – more information can be found in the Facebook group AITAN KAITSTA, which brings together over 3400 people. In addition, the association recommends donating both camouflage-toned fabrics and old birding and fishing nets (the best base material for the camouflage netting) to local makers.

Facebook: Aitan Kaitsta

Thank you for helping us to defend!
The team of NGO Aitan Kaitsta

Photo by Krõõt Tarkmeel