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Fund it. Name it. And we'll deliver it to the Ukrainian Army.

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Ukraine urgently needs more help! That includes commercially available equipment that ordinary citizens of the world like us can get for them. One thing the Ukrainian army needs, for example, is more off-the-shelf drones that ground forces use to locate and improve targeting against invaders. Our challenge is understanding what is currently most required, sourcing those things, pooling donations to bulk buy them at a decent price from generous Ukraine-supporting retailers, and then delivering them to the Ukrainian Army. But we do that bit. We just need more money to do it more.

​We’re based in Estonia and partnered with Lift99, a coworking space in Tallinn and Kyiv that is involved in organising regular convoys between Estonia and Ukraine under the initiative of entrepreneur Ragnar Sass (cofounder of Pipedrive). This network allows us to both continuously understand the evolving requirements for commercial drones from Ukrainian Army units and deliver the drones to them. ​The whole world needs to do more to support Ukraine in every way possible, including with much more, and much bigger equipment. This Adopt a Drone idea actually began with two friends discussing how Ukraine could get more fighter jets, then we realised that the most useful thing we could do right now is buy commercial drones and send them over. These drones are currently proving themselves to be valuable to those Ukrainian Army units that receive them and every little contribution helps a little bit. ​We select drones requested by Ukrainian Army units who know what they need and know how to use them securely and effectively, and know what results they are getting from them. Ukrainian Army units keep updating us on what drones they most want right now and, as more money comes in, we are purchasing more advanced drones at the top of their wishlist.

By September 2023 Adopt A Drone has already shipped €300,000 worth of drones to Ukraine! A total of nearly 100 drones, includes 20 drones with thermal vision, which make it possible to find targets at night. WeSupport campaign’s target is to acquire either such drones with thermal vision, which costs ~€8000, or normal drones, which cost ~€2000 each. ​ Every donation helps, it makes a contribution to the territorial integrity of Ukraine, the end of Russia’s genocide, and a better world. ​Check out for more information and photos, and follow us on Facebook at