Food aid for refugees

Ukrainian refugees have been living in Estonia for months, but majority of them have not yet found a job - with different type of barriers on their way. Thus they are struggling to make ends meet. Constant concern of how to cater the most basic needs is adding to the high stress and anxiety levels of Ukrainian refugees. Together we can help to reduce this burden and buy the daily food for Ukrainian mothers and their children!

Triinu Tikas April 23, 2022 at 11:47 am
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The donations of the project will be used to buy food and hygiene products from online grocery shops, and sent by courier directly to families in need. Different type of “shopping baskets” will be formed: starter baskets for those who have moved to an empty new housing, and baskets for more regular needs. Food products are selected to cater the most basic needs of families for maximum period of time.

Recipients of aid will be selected mostly from social media group Ukraina sõbrad Eestis (Friends of Ukraine in Estonia), where currently different aid requests for food have been listed. All use of donations is documented and traceable as the bills of online shops are issued on every purchase. Video in Estonian:

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Food aid for refugees
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Triinu Tikas and Helen Lemming