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Latest Projects

Donation campaign: Supply Ukraine with Estonian drones

by Roy Strider

In defence of Ukraine and all of us, a new fundraising campaign has been launched for the purchase and delivery of world-class Threod drones, produced in Estonia, to Ukraine's defenders.
54% Funded
217,153 €
16 Days Left

Saunas for Ukraine

by Ilmar Raag

We will plan, build and deliver 10 sauna complexes fit for battalion-sized units in Ukraine.
17% Funded
25,871 €
62 Days Left

Let's help frontline medics together

by Erko Laidinen

A joint project between FrontlineMedics.org and United Delivery Mission to support frontline medics.
18% Funded
10,585 €
32 Days Left

Mondo Crisis Fund – we support the people and regions affected by the war

by Ave-Marleen Rei

Although the wars and their causes are different, many of the world's refugees are facing similar difficulties: food shortages, poor access to health care, many without adequate housing or income, and children's educational disruption. Ukrainian refugees are also facing all these problems.
4% Funded
705 €
31 Days Left

Let's Do It Ukraine

by Heidi Solba

Let's do it Ukraine is aimed at helping the community and territorial defense volunteers and civilians in hospitals and shelters. All the collected funds are spent on buying the necessary food, medicines, hygiene products, baby food, and delivery to the destination.

1% Funded
120 €
62 Days Left

Support people affected by the earthquake in Syria and Turkey

by MTÜ Mondo

On February 6, Turkey and Syria were hit with earthquakes that have claimed tens of thousands of lives and will affect millions more. Support people affected in this humanitarian crisis.
2% Funded
470 €
138 Days Left

United Delivery Mission: we send cars to special units in Ukraine


by Riivo Anton

The war is very resource consuming and the result may be defined by small details. Based on the feedback from the Ukrainian soldiers we believe that our initiative matters.
65% Funded
12,905 €
31 Days Left

NGO Slava Ukraini - we save lives!

by Johanna-Maria Lehtme

Do you know where in Ukraine life-saving help is needed the most? We do. The NGO Slava Ukraini team works with direct contacts in Eastern Ukraine and Estonia. We have a deep understanding of the needs in Ukraine and we can respond quickly - life-saving help must reach the people and places that need it the most!
73% Funded
14,665 €
62 Days Left