Saunas for Ukraine

We will plan, build and deliver 10 sauna complexes fit for battalion-sized units in Ukraine.

Ilmar Raag ua January 27, 2023 at 11:02 pm
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Most fighters spend their days in trenches

Many ukrainian fighters are in the trenches every day, under fire from enemy artillery and tanks, but they remain defiant. The situation is reminiscent of the first world war where soldiers can too easily get sick just from the absence of hygiene.

Ukraine has to fight with in the rain and in the snow

Winters in Eastern Ukraine can reach temperatures as low as -20 degrees. Despite the offensive efforts by Ukraine, they need to be prepared to continue liberating and defending Ukraine throughout winter and beyond.

There are no organized washing facilities

Most of the Ukrainian units don’t have centrally organised washing facilities. “Last time, I washed myself was a month ago,” explained a soldier to us near Bahmut. Uniforms have to be washed by hand and infrequently. Living in constant damp conditions affects the morale of defenders.

Sauna and laundry truck

Wood-burning sauna

Saunasell OÜ is building a wood-burning sauna to a 6m shipping container, supplied with a heater from HUUM OÜ. The truck includes 3 shower stalls.

Laundromat in a container

The laundromat container already tested and tried by Estonian Defence Forces includes 5 washing machines and 5 dryers. The container includes a water tank and an electric generator.


On the front line, 3 trucks cannot be placed next to each other without raising suspicion from the enemies. This means that the Sauna and Laundromat need to be supplied separately with water and electricity. The complex is supplied with camoflage nets.

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