St. Elizabeth’s Church in Pärnu

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Many of the old church stories seem unbelievable and hold the beauty of history with a mystical flavour. By donating, you can help preserve our cultural and intellectual history, so that there will be places of worship to tell stories about in the future.

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Support is needed for the restoration of the St. Elizabeth’s Church in Pärnu.

The total amount needed is €339 168.

St. Elizabeth’s Church in Pärnu needs support for the restoration and prosthetics of the stone frame of the tower, the wooden supporting structures of the tower, the balcony balustrade of the tower, as well as for the replacement of the tin roofing of the tower with copper sheeting.

In 1741, the Russian Empress Elizaveta Petrovna allocated 8,000 roubles from the state treasury to build a new Lutheran church in Pärnu.

The cornerstone of the church building was laid on 25 June 1744. The steeple and the copper cock were set on the ore stone steeple of the church in March 1747. In September of the same year the council accepted the work from the master. Anno 1747, inscribed above the main door, marks these events. However, work on the interior of the church continued and the church was not consecrated until March 29 of 1750.

1893. from spring to autumn, a new brick wing building was built for the church. The church was re-consecrated again in October 1893.

Nowadays the St. Elizabeth’s Church is one of the city’s most important sights and tourist attractions. The church hosts concerts of Musica Sacra and Pärnu Organ Festival.

The Church Fund, which collects donations, helps the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church to restore and preserve artistic, cultural and architectural treasures in churches across Estonia.


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