Let’s supply Ukraine with Estonian drones

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In defence of Ukraine and all of us, a new fundraising campaign has been launched for the purchase and delivery of world-class Threod drones, produced in Estonia, to Ukraine’s defenders.

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<For the protection of Ukrainian sovereign independence and the free world value space, a fundraiser has been initiated to purchase and deliver world-class Estonian surveillance drones to the defenders of Ukraine.>

<Our goal is to procure and deliver to the Ukrainian fighters, through the joint efforts of all Estonian and international supporters, two efficient Estonian-made Threod Eos C VTOL drones with all the necessary control and support systems.>

<p>The goal is to raise funds in Estonia and abroad to procure and deliver two Threod EOS C VTOL drones with all the necessary control and support systems to Ukrainian fighters. The two drones will be named Kalev and Lembit after the submarines, which served Estonia before the Soviet occupation.

<p>The cost of the drones and the support system is 400,000 euros, Threod drones will be ready for delivery by the beginning of January 2023. We invite all supporters of Ukraine in Estonia and abroad to contribute, so the fighters of our freedom would win against the aggressors. The donation campaign platform WeSupport.network connects supporters with those in need utilizing the maximum of donors’ goodwill. The WeSupport team has 10 years of experience with launching and operating crowdfunding platforms (Fundwise, Prototron, EV100, Hooandja etc). Background: The fundraising has been initiated by the alumni of Estonian National Defense Courses, but financial donations from all Estonian peoples are welcome.

<p>Estonian National Defense Courses have been organized since November 1999. Courses are held twice a year and by today 2200 people have participated. The Estonian National Defense Courses are aimed at politicians, senior civil servants, members of the armed forces, local governments, economic and opinion leaders, cultural and academic figures, journalists, the third sector and through them, the entire society. The goal is to introduce participants to a broad-based approach to security, foreign and defense policy and national defense and thereby increase social cohesion in the defense of the state.

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<p>The fundraising is initiated by alumni of higher national defence courses, but financial donations from all Estonian people are welcome.

<p>The Estonian National Defence Course (ENDC) has been organised in its current form since 1999. from November 2011. The twice-yearly courses – in spring and autumn – have now reached around 2200 participants.

<p>The aim of the Higher National Defence Courses is to introduce – to politicians, senior civil servants and members of the Defence Forces, local authorities, economic and opinion leaders, cultural and educational figures, journalists, the third sector and, through all of them, society at large – Estonia’s security, foreign and defence policy and a broad approach to national defence; to increase cooperation and social cohesion in the field of national defence.

<p>Roy Strider
<br>Martin Simon
<br>Taivo Raud
<br>Andres Pehme
<br>Agne Aija

<br>Eerik Niiles Kross
<br>Juku-Kalle Raid

<p>GSM: +3725524138
<br>E-mail: roy.strider@tibet.ee

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