“Hospitallers” – volunteer paramedics

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Hospitallers are volunteer combat medics, anaesthetists, surgeons, drivers and rescuers.

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Hospitallers is an organisation of volunteer paramedics. It was founded by Yana Zinkevich at the beginning of hostilities in Ukraine in 2014. Then Russia annexed Crimea and began hostilities in the east of the country.
The slogan of our organization is “For the sake of every life”. And Hospitallers proves every day that for us, these are not just words. Members of the organization are volunteers who, at the risk of themselves, provide first aid on the contact line.

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The main tasks of the organization:
– Helping the wounded on the battlefield
– Evacuation of the wounded to hospitals
– Assistance in the rehabilitation of the wounded
– Delivery of the dead in the country to the place of burial

By Hospitallers more than 3200 evacuations were carried out from 2014 till the 24th of February (when full-scale invasion started). We do not receive support from the state and owe our activities exclusively to people who are involved in the work of the organization and the charitable contributions that come to us.

Facebook page: Hospitallers


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