Computers for Ukrainian children

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If a person is fleeing war, it may be that all his or her family’s belongings must fit in one backpack. There may not be room for a computer. But once the war refugees have reached a safe place, the children have to continue their schooling, the parents have to find a new job and start building security for their families from scratch.

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We have been working with our small team since the beginning of the war to provide smart devices like laptops, tablets, phones and computers to war refugees who have arrived in Estonia. Our aim is to do that job quickly and with low costs so that refugees can continue to go to school, work remotely or to look for a job here in Estonia and to stay connected with their families at home. In our world, the computer is an indispensable, but also an expensive tool. It may be out of reach for families whose homes have been bombed and all they have is what they were able to take with them.

In 2 months, we have collected more than 300 laptops in need of repair and more than 100 tablets and telephones, fixed and distributed them to the Ukrainians who arrived in Estonia. We already have computers in every Estonian county. It has taken a few thousand hours of work for our volunteer technicians and our logisticians, and we still want to help – it is already coming out pretty smoothly. We see that there is still a great need for this service, we still have many war refugees without the means to work or go to school.

Help us to help!

We ask you for help so that we can:
Fix 500 donated laptops in the next 3 months.
Buy 500 new laptops and equip them with the necessary software and hardware.
Distribute the repaired computers all over Estonia so that the war refugees can continue their lives.

There are two ways to help us:

We invite good people to donate computers, tablets or phones in their home that are in working order or in need of minor repairs. Please bring them to any store of Arvutitark (see the location on the map: ) or to the editorial office of LõunaLeht tin Võru town, at Tartu street 25. Be sure to include a charger with your device, include your contact and a description of failure – this will save us a lot of time and money.

Our goal is to collect 20,000€ and help 1,000 Ukrainian refugees with the necessary smart devices.

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Contact: Eveliis Padar


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