Glory To Ukraine – pickup trucks for Ukrainian defenders

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We are a group of companies and individuals that create digital experiences over the world. Since February 24 when Russian occupants invaded Ukraine and started bombing our cities and killing civilians, doing the genocide of Ukrainians, we had to switch our resources to support our army and civilians. With this fundraising campaign we want to buy two pickup trucks for Ukrainian army.

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Currently, most of our incomes go to the Ukrainian army that defends our country as well as suffered civilians but we are sure that’s not enough and we are asking our friends over the world to stand with us against the Russian terrorism. There are a lot of needs like food, meds, equipment such as vests, gloves, binoculars, tools, protectors, protective glasses, drones, laptops, cars, and many more. We are sending them directly to Ukrainian soldiers, units, and local volunteer centers that ask for such things.

Our Facebook page: Glory to Ukraine

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