“Iron horse” for Azov Special Operations Forces

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Dear friends of Ukraine! My name is Artem Skapenko, I’m an owner of LoggerHead Bar situated in Kyiv, Ukraine. My bartender is in Ukrainian Armed Forces right now and he needs a helping hand.

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Ukraine is still at war and still has a lot of work to do to win.
I have already spent my savings to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces and started fundraising. At the moment, the guys close to me, from the 1st Battalion of the Azov Special Operations Forces, need an «iron horse». The car will be used for combat departures, evacuation, crew transportation and provisions to battle points. There is a lot of work to be done, so they need a durable car with off-road driving.
It is necessary to collect 6850€ to buy pick-up. We collected 3700€ and we need 3150€ more. This amount will include the buying of a car, camouflage and the replacement of consumables, so that the boys can already take the perfect and reliable iron mate which will help bring us closer to Victory!

I hope we will raise our glasses for Victory soon!

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LoggerHead Team believe in the soon Victory and hope we will connect together with the whole team in the nearest future! Stay strong and stand with Ukraine!<br>

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