“Come Back Alive”

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Russia has invaded Ukraine – the Shield of Europe. As we are protecting the World against the tyranny, it’s high time to demonstrate your support of peace and democracy in Ukraine and around the world.

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“Come Back Alive” is the largest fund that has been helping the defenders of Ukraine since 2014.

Ukraine is the Shield of Europe. We are convinced that threat to freedom anywhere means threat to freedom all around the world. We protect the values shared with Europe and rest of the World. We do everything possible to prevent putinist values spreading around the world even beyond our borders. Our Army is strong and determined but it lacks necessary equipment. Our Organization needs your support. We use the funds donated to cover Ukraine’s needs in real time.

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Areas of work of the Foundation:

– Military direction: our military department provides defenders with radios, thermal imaging optics, night vision, quadcopters, helmets, bulletproof vests, protected laptops, cars and other non-lethal equipment. Military instructors provide training in mine safety, UAV control, sniping, tactical medicine and the Armor program.

– Analytical Center: studies the problems of the defense and security sector and provides analytical references and reports.

– Veterans direction: we implement projects for sports rehabilitation of veterans.

Facebook page: Come Back Alive

Foundation website: https://www.comebackalive.in.ua

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