NGO Slava Ukraini – we save lives!

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Do you know where in Ukraine life-saving help is needed the most? We do. The NGO Slava Ukraini team works with direct contacts in Eastern Ukraine and Estonia. We have a deep understanding of the needs in Ukraine and we can respond quickly – life-saving help must reach the people and places that need it the most!

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We receive daily information

directly from affected military units and their medics about the most critical needs on the front. The war has intensified in the east and reserve forces have been deployed; now there is a major shortage of IFAKs (individuaal first aid kits) and medical supplies.
After a person is wounded there is very short time to provide life-saving help on the battlefield. Without the necessary medical knowledge and supplies, first aid is impossible to perform.
In Ukraine there is a great shortage of costly haemostatic bandages, chest seals, and tourniquets. We believe that no one in Ukraine should die from the lack of knowledge about how to help or the lack of first aid equipment.

We operate in Estonia and in Ukraine.

Our team is actively working in Estonia and Eastern Ukraine. We have created a secure and well-functioning logistics network so the requested help reaches the crisis areas quickly. All requests come through direct communication with the units on the ground in Ukraine. We have met them in person and have seen their working conditions first-hand.

Our strength.

NGO Slava Ukraini has always evolved and changed alongside with the needs of the ongoing war. It is crucial that we listen to what Ukrainians actually need and help them in any capacity we can.

Our strenght is the capability and resolve to supply medics with what is needed the most. Our network of contacts maps the immediate needs in Ukraine so we can respond quickly and get life-saving help to reach the people and places that need it the most! NGO Slava Ukraini is able to respond to the needs of the units efficiently and do it fast.

 What have we done so far?

NGO Slava Ukraini was established on March 7, 2022.

We have sent:

  • 75 fully equipped ambulances
  • numerous four-wheel drive cars
  • more than 2 million euros worth of supplies and humanitarian aid to civilians, hospitaliers, children’s, civilian military hospitals in Ukraine.
  • distributed over 19,000 critical CAT Gen-7 tourniquets
  • 140,960 meters of bandages
  • 2 tons of hand and wound disinfectant
  • More than 100 tons of food
  • thousands of hemostatic bandages, Israeli bandages, chest seals
  • two specially designed ambulances that contained C-1 and T-1 Hamilton ventilators for the immediate evacuation of premature babies.

We have developed and will continue to improve and build

  • our own guerilla ambulance – a special vehicle for transporting the wounded in contested areas

We are now training Ukrainian medics in tactical medicine

  • Support by financing various organizations that have the know-how and experience since the war in 2014-2015 or who have grouped together currently, surrounding themselves with TCCC knowledgeable instructors and medics to surpass the knowledge. Medical training divides in various levels of knowledge – the base today instead of the 40 hours of classical MARCH (TCCC) training is reduced to a heavy one day course suitable for basic learning to all units. In can be opened up to longer days of workshops up to a 4-5 day course, where those who passed it, can achieve basic CLS level or instruct themselves later on.
  • Support by supplying various organizations or volunteers that work with giving TCCC workshops to various units. Their needs can be various wound mulages, different supplies that are necessary in an IFAK, tourniquets for practicing, place to conduct the workshops, etc.
  • Support with extra manpower (knowledge). Both training bases and medical training centers or volunteer NGO’s need extra knowledge through manpower in organizing, helping in finding finances to actual staff – especially TCCC instructors who are able to surpass the knowledge. There are allegedly 400 TCCC instructors in Ukraine, mostly not with a license and extra tutors with long term experience are direly needed to not only give a break to those who have overhumanly been working since the full-scale invasion to Ukraine but to also teach new possible staff, so the umbrella of the know-how would widen.
  • Support training bases with all the various listed above. The training bases that provide various levels of training (medical, tactical, technical) also supply the freshly trained with necessary items. Training bases need also personnel aid or humanitarian aid from food to sanitary products. Keeping the bases built in function are crucial in this stage of the war where a lot of units are requesting themselves for better medical or tactical knowledge after returning from the front or the units rotated to the front need the highly necessary preparation.



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