Let’s help frontline medics together

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A joint project between United Delivery Mission and Erko Laidinen to support frontline medics.

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Frontline medics work to provide supplies and care to Ukrainians that are forced to live on the Frontline of a war following Russia’s unprovoked re-aggression. As Advance Life Support capable ambulances we specialize in medical evacuations for people with often complex medical issues and limited mobility.
Evacuation from the frontline and initial stabilisation in the car is literally a matter of life and death.
We would like to acquire and equip 10 vehicles with good off-road capabilities for evacuation.

The average price of a car is €6,000.

Thanks to donations, the first 2 cars are already under construction and will arrive in Ukraine this month.

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A new video introducing the car on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/mJtT2CZ1RSA

United Delivery Mission: https://www.uniteddeliverymission.com

Medics from around the world help Ukraine:

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