Everybody Can (Кожен Може)

Thank you for your desire to support the wards of the “Everyone Can” Foundation.

Here is information about our current activities:

Since 2014, the International Charitable Foundation “Everyone Can” provides assistance to children with disabilities and retirees affected by the war in Ukraine and supports Ukrainian hospitals with medical equipment and supplies.

Since the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation in Ukraine on 24.02 2022, the main activities of the fund are focused on rapid response to support the wards:

– Medical support (medicines and medical equipment for children with disabilities / elderly victims of war)

– Food (special food and food for wards)

– Hygiene (diapers, etc. for children with disabilities from the war)

– Requests for rent and other types of material support of the Fund’s wards are supported individually.

– Cash assistance project – multi-purpose financial assistance for the fund’s wards.

Currently, payments range from UAH 5,000. per month per child. Monthly costs for this project from 310 thousand UAH.

From the moment of the cessation of hostilities, the project Medical Support for Children with Disabilities will be extended:

Payment for medicines, rehabilitation, operations, medical equipment, wheelchairs, special meals and more.

The cost of one rehabilitation course for a child with cerebral palsy – from UAH 25,000.

The cost of an occluder for heart surgery is about UAH 100,000.

Diapers for a child with a disability – from UAH 2,000.

Special nutrition course for a child with a disability – from UAH 10,000.

Course of medicines for a child with a disability – from UAH 15,000.

Special chair for a child with cerebral palsy – from UAH 18,000.

Wheelchair for a child with cerebral palsy – from UAH 35,000.

The Foundation systematically supports Ukrainian hospitals. Since the full-scale war, the Hospital Support Program in Ukraine has been extended to all areas where hostilities are taking place.

Procurement of necessary medical equipment and consumables, etc. continued at the hospital.

The main tool for raising funds is the website of the “Everyone Can” Foundation

The cost of medical equipment from 150 thousand UAH.

Philanthropists make a transfer either through the “Help Now” button (through the LiqPay system) or according to the details on the fund’s current accounts in euros and dollars.

Also, during the war, the fund had the opportunity to use PayPal:


You can find personal stories of the foundation’s wards on the “Everyone Can” social networks:

in FB: facebook.com/everybody.can.ua

In Instagram: instagram.com/everybodycan.ua

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