Winter rescue evacuations in Ukraine / Donbas

We conduct Search And Rescue, Evacuation and Humanitarian Aid Missions in & out of the most dangerous areas of the Donbas, Zaporizhia + Kherson regions of Ukraine, and supply other volunteer groups with protective gear.

David Black November 9, 2022 at 7:39 pm
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Project Ends on April 30, 2023
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We are a team of volunteers from Ukraine, USA, UK, and Germany, who decided to make frontline rescue evacuations in April and have been doing so since May. So far we’ve evacuated 1100 people, about half elderly and minors, and 100 animals from the frontline towns and villages of Donbass and Kharkiv, from under shelling and rockets. We’ve raised about $30,000. With winter coming, we need help to buy one or two 4×4 vehicles to continue our work. We have steady enough funding to cover our fuel costs but we need larger amounts to purchase these vehicles and to buy winter gear for our teams as well as to provide warm conditions to those who cannot or will not leave. Every donation is appreciated and no amount is too small. We update our results on our Instagram @TAUSAR_org and our website